Jama Connect User Guide

Import relationships

Relationships are imported to Jama Connect from a CSV file. The file consists of two columns.

  1. Column A: Parent or upstream item references.

  2. Column B: Child or downstream item references.


Tip: It's possible to import multiple relationships to a single item or many relationships to many items by creating duplicate cell combinations for those items. In this example, CP-REQ-10 has three relationships created to it.

  1. A relationship import plugin must be configured and enabled.

  2. A CSV must be generated with the correct parent and child field values.


In Jama Connect, select Project > Import > Custom Import.

This opens a pop-up window with settings to configure.

Select a destination: Select the location in your project for the Import Relationships Plugin. While destination is a required setting, it doesn't affect the import.

Select custom importer: Select the Import Relationships Plugin created by an organization admin.

Field delimiter: Select Comma.

Optional encoding: Select UTF8.

Select file to import: Upload the CSV file containing the required relationships.


Attach your CSV file and select Import. You see a notification at the top of your screen after the import is complete that says, "Success: X items imported."

Note: You might see the Success pop-up message even if relationships weren't successfully imported. Try the following if this happens:

  1. Double-check that you're importing a file with the extension .csv.

  2. Give Jama Connect time to process the relationships. If you're importing more than 100 relationships, the update isn't instantaneous. We recommend importing relationships are imported in small batches no larger than 250 at a time.

  3. Check that your parameters are written correctly and reference the right API ID or Field.